Smart Road Trip Safety Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore this Holiday Season

During the time leading up to the holiday season, it can feel as if there are more people on the road than usual. College students coming home to enjoy holiday break, families traveling to visit one another, “snowbirds” being down for the season, and all of the holiday shopping trips are just a few ways the roads seem to “fill up” during this time. With this increase of traffic on the roads comes an unavoidable increased risk for accidents.

This increase in traffic is unavoidable and with more of society being mobile now than ever, there are steps you should take before getting on the road to ensure your safety.

According to AAA, some important tips for holiday road trips and shopping are:

  1. Keep your vehicle well maintained
  2. Map your route in advance and be prepared for extra traffic when accounting for travel time
  3. Do not drive under the influence of anything and get a good night’s sleep before driving
  4. Be extra cautious when driving at night, in bad weather, or near construction zones
  5. Have a fully charged cell phone and roadside assistance handy

An Increase in a Different Kind of Traffic

Even more of a risk comes from the large truck drivers. The holiday season brings more of a demand from restaurants, grocery stores, malls, shops, and online orders. Trucks catering to that increase of demand are sharing the road with this increase of holiday traffic – and an increase of car accidents as well. Trucking accidents aren’t as simple as regular car accidents. Due to their size, more often than not, truck accidents tend to be catastrophic.

Truck driving accidents happen for a number of reasons. The driver could have inadequate training and technique, the driver might not have gotten the necessary amount of sleep (or m be disobeying the federal government laws about hours workable per shift), with driving incentives they make more money by driving faster, or one of many more possibilities.

Be sure to always keep a safe distance when sharing the road with these vehicles; make sure you and your car are in a visible position in relation to the truck driver. You can usually ensure this by staying within sight of their side mirrors. Another important safety tip to keep in mind with these large trucks is when you are passing them. Make sure to go very long and leave a lot of distance for the truck behind you when you get in front of them. If you cut off a large truck, it may cause them to have to stop suddenly. In a large truck, this is nearly impossible to do – especially depending on how heavy their cargo is.

Always Remember

Do not forget that we share the roads with large trucks. The best way to drive safely for both parties is to stay aware and keep a good distance.

After an accident, the main priority is your well-being. After that, you want to be sure to have aggressive and experienced representation on your side.  There is no need to add extra stress to an already very busy time of year. Enjoy the holiday season and stay safe on the roads. If you have any more questions about what to do after an accident or injury, call Jennifer Meksraitis for a free consultation at (813) 600-3197 or contact her via email.


Below is a driving checklist with ridiculously easy pointers to remember when getting behind the wheel. Staying aware while driving can mean the difference between life and death.