Criminal Lawyer Tampa Florida

Exercise Your Rights

There are important steps you can take to exercise your rights when dealing with criminal allegations:

  1. REMAIN SILENT: Regardless of your circumstance, you must remain silent. Whether you have been arrested or are being investigated, do not speak to anyone without consulting a lawyer first. Don’t talk to the police, friends, relatives, or other people in jail. Everything you say, whether true or not, can and will be used against you. REMAIN SILENT BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. Your right to remain silent CANNOT be used against you; however, you may provide your name, and if driving, your driver’s license.
  2. DON’T PLEAD: Do not plead guilty or no contest until you speak with a lawyer. Even if you think you are guilty, have a lawyer evaluate all of your legal options first, before you plead anything. If you plead GUILTY or NO CONTEST and are sentenced, you may be CONVICTED. In criminal court, there is no real difference between pleading guilty and pleading no contest. The result is the same and you are sentenced exactly the same, based upon the plea deal worked out with the prosecutor. Notably, this is extremely important in DUI, Domestic Battery, and Drug Possession cases.

In sum, pleading your case or pleading guilty may seem like a fast and easy solution, but a criminal conviction can affect you for the rest of your life. When applying for a job or a loan, renting an apartment, renewing a green card, obtaining a professional license, traveling abroad, or buying insurance — you will be judged FOREVER by that one mistake.

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