As everyone gets ready for Thanksgiving, the stores and holiday shoppers really have their eyes focused on the day after – Black Friday. In the current century, Thanksgiving itself has really just turned into a “carb-loading-pregame” to energize and fuel everyone for the competitive shopping holiday brought on by unbeatable, limited-time-only, holiday deals from many large retailers.
      As the shopping frenzy has gotten more intense throughout the years, so have the shoppers; some shoppers camp outside for hours before the store even opens, while others resort to physical violence to ensure they can purchase a product. Alongside the rising competition for the latest technology and toys, the opportunity for danger rises too. There is a website that is tracking the death count and injuries that have occurred as a result of Black Friday shopping dating back to 2006 to show just how dangerous this day has become.
      Many of the deaths and injuries listed on the site are a result of people being trampled by a massive crowd trying to enter the stores or from fights breaking out which, oftentimes, results in a shooting. On Black Friday, it is important to stay vigilant and to make sure you avoid large crowds. Although online shopping is becoming increasingly popular and many stores have already started a lot of their Black Friday deals early, there is still a risk of injury.
      Throughout the full holiday season (not only Black Friday), the mall can become a dangerous place in general. With an increased flow of people through the mall, there is more opportunity for car accidents, injury as a result of the negligence of the property, or crime due to lack of security for the number of people. Some
 valuable safety tips to consider when shopping this holiday season:
             1. Look out for spills and other trip hazards caused by other customers spilling or moving items
             2. Stay away from large crowds and refrain from arguing or fighting any unruly customers

             3. Park in a well-lit area and double check before backing out or pulling into any parking spots

What to Remember:

      Stores, malls, and shops are primarily focused on getting your business this time of year. At times, this can mean they may not be properly prepared. This can mean they don’t have adequate security or other measures needed to avoid the dangers that are inherited from facilitating a large crowd.
     The holiday season is meant to be shared with friends and family; you do not want the added stress of an unwanted injury and medical bills. In the case that anything unfortunate does occur, your first priority is well-being. After that, make sure you have excellent representation by an attorney like Jennifer Meksraitis, someone who knows how to handle a situation like this. If you have been injured and are unable to pay your bills, contact Jennifer Meksraitis for aggressive representation to protect your rights and financial interests and keep your future looking bright so you can enjoy your holiday season. Call ‪(813) 600-3197‬ or visit www.813law.com to learn more.