Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Jennifer Meksraitis. Se Habla Espanol

You Need a Criminal Lawyer that is Aggressive, Experienced, and Dedicated to Your Legal Defense

Jennifer Meksraitis is an experienced, highly skilled, and knowledgeable criminal lawyer in Tampa, Florida that has years of experience as a Public Defender in West Palm Beach County and in private practice. She brings those years, her knowledge of the system, and her dedication to fight for your legal rights no matter the charges you are facing or your criminal history.

It takes a skilled litigator to research and choose the best legal defense for a client. Her representation is a focused, intensive negotiation and litigation with the judge, the state attorney, and, if necessary, the jury.

You need to select the criminal lawyer that has the competitive desire to win and the belief that all are innocent until proven guilty to get the best results for your case.

For a free consultation regarding your case and charges, contact Jennifer Meksraitis at 813-600-3197, or via email.